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Do you want to:

  • stand out in the crowd with an amazing website

  • reach your ideal clients & seduce them

  • boost your business without spending a fortune on ads

  • help search engines find you

  • and reinforce your brand image?


  • you don't know where to start

  • you don't have the time or expertise to do it yourself

  • you don't feel like writing all that content

  • you don't have the right photographs

Our Services

Website UX & Design

Three things really matter here:

  • people must find your website

  • people must like and remember your website

  • people must easily find what they are looking for on your website


That's when the magic happens, when visitors turn into customers. 

Online Communication

People are not buying a product or a service. They are buying a solution to their problem.

B-612 will help you figure out what your message is and how to spread it in order to reach your potential customers effectively.

Photography & Copywriting

"Marketing is no longer about the stuff you make, but about the stories you tell" according to the author Seth Godin.

Stories based on images and words that stir emotions and that your visitors can relate to.  Because that's when people take action.

Recent Projects

B-612 B612 carole van der voort website bouwen creation webshop seo

Photo: Katrin Daems

So, why choose B-612?

  • Carole is a certified digital marketer who immerses herself completely in YOUR business to build 100% tailor-made websites.

  • We are visual and verbal storytellers. Unique photography and authentic copywriting are part of our DNA. ​ 

  • Once the site is online, B-612 will still be there to help you around.

  • Your website will be unique, elegant and attractive…


  • … and also user-friendly, safe, fast and responsive.

  • We speak English, French, Dutch and Portuguese.

  • Our excellent Graphic Designer can also (re)create your logo, your branding, your look & feel, ...

  • Once the content is set, your site can be built and on-line in less than a month

  • Carole absolutely LOVES what she is doing.

With your business vision and our website design,

we’re a perfect match.

What clients say

web design development copywriting

"Het talent van Carole is dat ze zich écht in de schoenen van de klant verplaatst en vanuit die positie haar analytische en strategische expertise inzet om een website op maat te bouwen, waarbij de user experience centraal staat. Haar creatieve copywriting in combinatie met fotografie maakt dat de site toegankelijk, intuïtief en esthetisch is, en tegelijkertijd alle mogelijkheden van de analytics biedt om de verkoop bij te sturen."

web design photography antwerp UX

"As we started 'Mamselle' , Carole has given life to this unique shop in Antwerp by creating our website with a story and extraordinary photography ! Many thanks and always welcome at ! Congratulations , Anne Mignon"

webdesign creative copywriting photography

"Carole a créé un site qui me ressemble. Je voulais un site qui allie originalité, sobriété et facilité d'utilisation et je pense que c'est réussi.

De plus elle a réalisé certaines photos pour completer le site. Beaucoup d’atouts dans une main. Merci Carole."

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