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Do you need a WEBSITE and


  • attract new clients & boost your business

  • help search engines find you

  • reinforce your brand image

  • differentiate you from your competitors ?

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Do you want to define a clear on-line communication strategy?

People are not buying a product or a service. They are buying a solution to their problem.

B-612 will help you figure out what your message is and how to spread it in order to reach your potential customers effectively.

Do you need a user-friendly website or do you want to optimize an existing one?

Two things really matter here:

- people must find your website

- visitors must easily find what they are looking for on your website


That's when the magic happens, when visitors turn into customers. 

Are you looking for relevant copywriting and stunning photographs for your site or social media?

"Marketing is no longer about the stuff you make, but about the stories you tell" according to the author Seth Godin.

Stories that stir emotions and that your visitors can relate to.  Because that's when people take action.

Let's get your message out there and make your clients smile. Because we believe that's the best way to boost your business.

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So, why choose B-612?

  • We are visual and verbal storytellersPhotography and copywriting are part of our DNA. We will take, choose or edit the right photographs for your website. As for copywriting, B-612 will help you write, edit or translate (EN, FR, NL, PT) any text you need.

  • Your clients must be happy too. We think along with you, always keeping your final goal in mind. That way we can develop a personalized marketing strategy based on your strengths and, even more important, on the needs of your customers.

  • Not only will your website be unique, elegant and attractive…


  • … it will also be user-friendly, safe, fast and responsive

  • We speak English, French, Dutch and Portuguese

Photo: Katrin Daems