About B-612


Behind B-612, there is Carole Van der Voort, a creative webdesigner, writer, photographer, artist and digital marketer.

My purpose? Enabling driven professionals to communicate their passion in order to achieve their objectives.

I have been defining strategies and designing websites since 2013 and still, every time a site is launched, I feel like opening a bottle of champagne!


When needed, B-612 collaborates with a team of creative freelance experts of the digital world.

I am a French, Dutch and English native speaker with working knowledge of Romanian and Portuguese.

Photography is my big passion. I always have a project in the back of my head. Now, for example, I am preparing an exhibition with a friend based on fantastic glass negatives dating from early 1900. Check out some of my latest projects here.

When I am not working, you may find me in a forest nearby or by the sea, guiding some schoolchildren for Natuurpunt or simply looking for birds, mushrooms, plants, shells, fossils with my loved ones... These are my inexhaustible sources of happiness and inspiration.

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Photo: Katrin Daems