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Creative Copywriting

We are verbal & visual storytellers. We tell stories that people can relate to. That they will remember. That

Both words and images matter

It is said that "a picture is worth a thousand words". That's true. But it is also said that ...


How about combining the two? Attractive visuals with relevant copywriting.




Relevant texts

B-612 is specialized in copywriting. It sits in Carole's DNA.

texts need to be found easily by search engines because a high ranking in Google is crucial. But the copywriting must also be easy and pleasant to reaf and have selling power and appeal to the visitors of your site, not just to the algorithms of search engines

We find the balance between on-line findability and commercial texts by creating efficient web content that boosts your business

no-nonsense communication

clear and to the point


Let US tell YOUR story.

  • original copywriting for websites, blogs, mailings, social media, SEOs, ...

  • translation of existing websites to/from FR, NL, EN, PT

  • rewriting and editing of existing texts/websites

  • photography

  • videos, podcasts


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